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                            Monica Morgan finally lands the job                             she covets—stay-at-home mom to her                             four sons. Her joy is short-lived,                             however, when a casual comment leads                             to the discovery of her husband’s                             infidelity. The news sends her reeling,                             grasping for understanding and makes her skeptical of everything she once thought she knew. While she struggles with the deceit and questions her faith, her youngest child receives a devastating diagnosis, plunging her into deeper despair.

Unsure of how to move forward, Monica must 
re-evaluate her options and determine what truly 
matters most. But will her decision ultimately destroy 
her family or will it make them whole again?

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1) Monica Morgan trades in her career to be a stay-at-home mother.  How did that choice make her more vulnerable?
2) Monica blames herself for Bodie’s illness. Have you ever blamed yourself for something that went wrong, even though you realize it wasn’t your fault?
3) Monica briefly entertains the idea of getting pregnant in the hopes of producing a match for Bodie. Discuss the ethical and – conflicts of this. Would you consider having a child to save another?
4) With all the deceit Brad has manufactured covering up his affair and his daughter, did you believe this marriage could be saved? 
5) Brad finds himself in a difficult situation, one he had a hand in creating. Did you feel sympathy for him? 
How could he have handled things better?
6) Cathy asserts her rights as a grandparent. Was she right or wrong to do this?
7) Once Monica meets Bella she can’t forget the little girl. She is haunted by the unfairness of the situation. Should she accept the motherless child into her family? 
8) No matter the circumstances that brought Bella into her life, Monica knows Bella is her sons’ sister. 
Do you believe Monica ever accepts Bella into her heart, as her own daughter?
Readers’ Group Questions
                                Kate Jameson married the man of her                                 dreams. Her real-life hero. A man who                                 wouldn’t abandon her the way her                                 father had—or so she thought. Weeks                                 after their son’s birth, her husband is                                 suddenly pulled away for a business                                 trip that takes him out of the country.                                 But something isn’t right. His truths aren’t adding up. Kate digs into his past, determined to learn what he’s hiding. 
    For twenty years, undercover CIA agent Eric Wiley lived for one reason—to avenge his parents’ brutal deaths. Until he marries Kate. Eric promises her a life of love and commitment, but competing promises constantly collide, offering him little chance of keeping either. 
    Can this final mission bring closure and allow Eric to be the husband Kate deserves and the father he yearns to be? Or will their destiny remain mired in the secrets of his past, leaving them powerless to embrace their present?
Some questions contain spoilers. 
1) Kate Wiley embraces her role as a new mother, at the surrender of all else in her life, including a promising career as an architect. Is that a wise decision? Would you do the same?
2) Shortly after their son is born, Eric leaves on business. Kate decides her marriage is in trouble and that Eric is planning to desert her the way her father had left her mother. Are her fears rational? Is she creating a self-fulfilling prophecy? Have you ever set yourself up for failure?
3) Eric keeps many secrets from Kate. The most important one may be that he was adopted by his parents' best friends after their murder. Discuss the reasons why Eric doesn’t open up about his past to Kate until it’s almost too late.
4) Discovering the panic room only confirms Kate's worst fears -- she’s living an artificial life. Everything she believed in is not real, including her husband. Did you think this marriage could be saved? Would you have waited for an explanation, or would you have left?
5) Family provides balance, security and unconditional love. In Eric’s case, Adele and Ben, his adoptive parents, caused his grief and sorrow. How would you cope if a close family member had betrayed you?
6) As the saying goes, everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. This is true for those closest to Kate. Even though her life is in chaos, she still manages to be supportive to her sisters, Julie and Monica, as well as her best friend, Colleen. Reflect on a time in your life when everything seemed to be falling apart, yet you dug deep to be there for a friend or family member.

Some questions contain spoilers.
1) Julie Rafferty is a successful entrepreneur. But her underlying motivation to owning a business may not be healthy for her, her marriage, her family? Discuss why.
2) From the beginning of their relationship, Julie believed that Trevor would desert her and their children one day. In what ways does her behavior set up a self-fulfilling prophecy? Recall a time when you experienced your own self-fulfilling prophecy, good or bad. 
3) Although Trevor shares Julie’s passion for family, his goals and dreams follow a simpler path. Was their romance a mistake, or did he fail his wife in some way? Is he the cause of her insecurity and self-doubt?
4) After Trevor leaves, Julie’s company is sued for patent infringement. Fighting the lawsuit could rob her of her dream and bankrupt the business, leaving her penniless. Even though she’s done nothing wrong, Julie weakens and considers selling. Reflect on a time you acquiesced to someone, even though you knew you were right. What were the ramifications? Did you regret the decision?
5) Once trust is broken, it is hard to regain. Julie’s lack of trust in Trevor clouded her judgement, causing her to make many mistakes, misjudgments and dangerous decisions. How could she have handled things differently? Was she justified in the way she treated Trevor?
6) Julie is panicked after speaking to a newspaper reporter seeking a response to a government investigation into her company. What role did the reporter play in setting up Julie? Some careers have implied trust (doctors, clergy, journalists). How did you feel about the writer’s abuse of public trust?
7) Trevor tells his wife: “There’s all sorts of abandonment, Jules. Money isn’t everything.” What was he alluding to. What theme prevailed as the story unfolded? 
8) Did you ever suspect Teresa’s role in Julie and Trevor’s disasters? When were you first tipped you off to her duplicity?
Julie Rafferty’s life-long dream is within her grasp. But just as the toy company she founded verges on becoming a multi-million-dollar enterprise, her husband abandons their marriage.
    Trevor had no choice but to walk away from Julie. How else could he show his wife that the business was her priority, not him and their three children? His drastic stunt backfires though, jeopardizing the family business and seemingly pushes Julie into the arms of a younger man.
    Just when Julie and Trevor find their way back to each other, a ruthless competitor escalates a bogus lawsuit. Together they plot to reclaim control of the toy company, only to uncover a shattering betrayal that puts them in unimaginable danger.
    Can they overcome their dreadful mistake and reclaim the passion, trust and commitment that once drew them together? Or will the greed of an evil man irreparably destroy everything they hold dear?