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Architect Kate Jameson has sworn off men. That is until she meets Eric, the handsome son of her current client. Fresh out of a messy relationship with a coworker, Kate’s not ready to trust her judgement where men are concerned. She dodges Eric’s advances but can’t deny the attraction growing between them. Everything–especially his soul-searing brown eyes–makes her want to throw caution to the wind and try again. At her sister’s prodding, Kate finally agrees to date Eric, surprised at the joy he brings into her life. But when their budding romance is threatened, Kate is forced to make hard decisions and fight for her true happiness.

Undercover CIA agent Eric Wiley has survived enough loss in his life to ever want to risk being hurt again. He has long since given up on true love. Still, he’s drawn to Kate in a way he can’t rationalize. Avoiding her isn’t working and for the first time in a relationship, he wants to be truthful about his past and his career. Before their romance can bloom, however, Kate goes missing. Recognizing the danger, Eric stops at nothing to rescue the woman who has captured his heart.

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Julie Rafferty’s life-long dream is within her grasp. But just as the toy company she founded verges on becoming a multi-million-dollar enterprise, her husband abandons their marriage.

Trevor had no choice but to walk away from Julie. How else could he show his wife that the business was her priority, not him and their three children? His drastic stunt backfires though, jeopardizing the family business and seemingly pushes Julie into the arms of a younger man.

Just when Julie and Trevor find their way back to each other, a ruthless competitor escalates a bogus lawsuit. Together they plot to reclaim control of the toy company, only to uncover a shattering betrayal that puts them in unimaginable danger.

Can they overcome their dreadful mistake and reclaim the passion, trust and commitment that once drew them together? Or will the greed of an evil man irreparably destroy everything they hold dear?

Monica Morgan finally lands the job she covets—stay-at-home mom to her four sons. Her joy is short-lived, however, when a casual comment leads to the discovery of her husband’s infidelity. The news sends her reeling, grasping for understanding and makes her skeptical of everything she once thought she knew. While she struggles with the deceit and questions her faith, her youngest child receives a devastating diagnosis, plunging her into deeper despair.

Unsure of how to move forward, Monica must re-evaluate her options and determine what truly matters most. 

But will her decision ultimately destroy her family, or will it make them whole again?  

Addie Burhan never allowed the choice she made eighteen years ago to control her life. A goal not easily accomplished in 1940, when an unplanned pregnancy left women with few options. But after hearing gossip about her former boyfriend Barry Gallatin at the weekly Sewing Circle – codename for ladies’ poker night–Addie realizes everything she held sacred is about to be crushed.

Barry and his family have returned to her sleepy town in southwestern Pennsylvania. It’s bad enough that he broke her heart to marry her then-friend, Nora, but now Addie’s close-knit circle wants to welcome the two-faced woman back into their group. 

Within weeks, her teenage son meets the Gallatins’ daughter. A romance blooms, swirling Addie into a panic. She can't let him fall in love with this girl. Her Lebanese upbringing and strong faith have kept her from revealing her past. And now that secret will destroy two families. But if she doesn’t tell the truth–those same lives will be shattered. 

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Kate Jameson married a real-life hero. A man who wouldn’t abandon her the way her father had—or so she thought. Weeks after their son’s birth, her husband leaves for a business trip that takes him out of the country. But something isn’t right. His truths aren’t adding up. Kate digs into his past, determined to learn what he’s hiding. 

Undercover CIA agent Eric Wiley lives for one reason—to avenge his parents’ brutal deaths. Until he married Kate. Eric promised her a life of love and commitment, but competing promises constantly collide, offering him little chance of keeping either. When an informant lures him to Mexico, Eric thinks his goal of apprehending an elusive killer will be realized. 

Can Eric's final mission bring closure and allow him to be the husband Kate deserves and the father he yearns to be? Or will their destiny remain mired in the secrets of his past, leaving them powerless to embrace their present? 

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